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What will the Guild do?

First Line of Defense

We want DeFi to accessible and usable for everyone. The simple fact is that DeFi is too hard for most new users, requiring a solid understanding of cryptocurrency. Many users do not understand the risks of what they are doing until it is too late. This is sometimes why so many users follow influencers and buy meme coins, many do not understand but want to get involved in cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to create The Detective's Guild in a way in which new users can enjoy a positive crypto experience , with help from experienced and real community members, easy to use DeFi safety tools, and unique educational experiences.

Automated DeFi Safety Net

The final goal is to create a truly decentralized legal entity in which no one person or team has control of The Detective's Guild. The path in which we get there may change over time, but the goal will remain. We envision a useful and digital educational playground that follows moral and ethical standards by incentivizing good behaviors within the DAO. We will always follow the latest technologies to implement the most effective and fun ways to protect the community from scams.

Transparency for Our Experienced Users

The Detective's guild will also have a focus towards ensuring our crypto savvy users will benefit from the data and tools we will offer. Our tools will make research much easier, offering free and premium tools with different uses.

New innovations in Risk Assessment Technology

As true pioneers in our space, we at Rugpull Prevention are building a platform that cannot be "forked" or imitated. We have built our reputation from the ground up and have proven time and time again that we will do what is right before what is profitable. With that said, our unique blockchain innovations are what will set us apart from the rest of the crowd.