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Services We Provide

(Temporarily halted to allow for full focus on tool development)

KYD Overview and Community Introduction.

Once a project is selected to be in our KYD process, we introduce their developers to our community, asking them to give us regular updates on all of their latest news. We will then create an easy to understand KYD Overview page for their project on our website. We will highlight contract safety features, main token use cases and share some our our research.

KYD Podcast

This podcast will happen shortly after the overview page goes up. We aim for a 30min - 1hr conversation with the developers or an English speaking representative of the project to speak with us on voice. This step is very important for transparency and must be done through voice. See KYD Projects


An included service for all KYD project that focuses on the NFT aspect of a project, Click HERE for more info.

Detective Scores

A unique deep dive scoring system that takes many metrics and team communications into account, also using community voting to calculate the score. See our Scores