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Reasons for Staking Dapp

Community & Automation

Through community, we can achieve greatness that commercialized projects cannot. We are not driven by greed or bottom lines. Our true value is in the community. With our Deflationary staking Dapp, we can assure that our community tokens are distributed fairly while bringing more value to our Rugpull Prevention community.

A New Way to Distribute DAO tokens

The Detective's Guild is a verified, on chain community. We need to try our best to distribute our community tokens fairly and as equal as possible. At the same time, we feel that our early supporters should have more say in the community than someone who has just joined. This is why we chose to distribute through NFT staking. RUGPULL holders have the ability to burn some RUGPULL to receive an NFT to stake for TDG tokens.

Why not just use the RUGPULL token?

The RUGPULL token is simply not distributed equally enough. If we start fresh with an equally distributed community DAO token though staking emissions, we can allow people that joined late to also join in on the community.

TDG the Community Utility Token

Since we will not support the TDG token on exchanges, the token should have no monetary value, but will be useful for community utility. This token will be used to verify yourself throughout our community! You can now verify your wallet holds TDG through our Discord and in the Detective's Guild! Rate, Vote, comment and add new listings!