How to Acquire TDG Community Tokens
To use the staking Dapp you will need an official Rugpull Prevention NFT. You can buy one here with RUGPULL tokens and a small amount of Avax for gas fees. Please make sure that you have Metamask installed and you are connected to the Avalanche Network.
After you buy the NFT, you will need to go to our staking Dapp (when released). Next, you will need to stake your NFT into the Dapp. With our Dapp, you will be able to see what NFTs you have available to stake and what NFTs you have staking.
In return for staking, you will receive the token "TDG" (which stands for TheDetectivesGuild), once you have a minimum amount TDG tokens in your wallet, you will be able to join the Detective's guild and start participating in the community!
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