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Badges and Certificates

(Temporarily halted to allow for full focus on tool development)


After acceptance into the KYD process, projects will be encouraged to display a badge signifying they are partnered with us. (To be released)
Upon completion of the KYD process, projects will also be encouraged to replace their previous badge with one that signifies they have completed KYD and are now "KYD Certified" they will also receive the tiered color badge corresponding to their Detective Score tier (Diamond, Gold, Silver). (To be released)


Also, upon completion of KYD, we will also create "Rugpull Prevention KYD Certified" 3D trophy NFTs. There will be a very limited amount of these NFTs created. Each team will receive 3 pre-minted, along with 3 pre-minted for our Core team as well. There will be a max supply of 50 of these certificates to be minted per project. (To be released)