How can I participate in the Guild?

Power to the People

You are the most important aspect of The Detective's Guild. It needs your participation to succeed. With the initial launch of the guild, along with regular content developments over time, we hope to see our community participating to help the Avalanche Network and its users.

Becoming a Detective

To become a verified member of the Detective's guild, you must acquire TDG tokens through our Staking Dapp. Read how

Once you have enough TDG tokens to participate (25k to unlock MetaDetect), you can start using the Detective's Guild! There, you will connect to our website using a wallet. The website will read your wallet to determine if you are holding TDG tokens. Now you are ready to participate!

Your Opinion is Important

In addition to DeFi safety tools, the guild will ask for your verified opinions and will collect feedback from you to help us provide ultimate project transparency. Please give us your valued comments about projects! You can also write a review!

Tell us what you really think, but let's be civil and constructive! For now, our team can remove comments, but over time we wish to make the entire process decentralized. Just be respectful please! We're going to need to see proof of allegations. Please do not make allegations unless you have evidence and proof.

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