How we started

Why create Rugpull Prevention?

The goal for Rugpull Prevention has always been to help the Avalanche community by providing quality tools to add transparency, confidence and clarity while maintaining an unbiased stance when evaluating projects.

We started out alerting the community about possible RUGPULLS and have transformed into a multi-faceted and growing community of like-minded individuals. As the project has evolved, so have our goals. After completing our initial developments and data foundation tool "MetaDetect", we are able to offer a more unbiased approach to risk assessment. MetaDetect will be be used to help us determine and report the highest level of project transparency. It will also be used as the foundation of our tools.

As we have grown, our project has become a trusted and valued community of Detectives, working together for a great cause. With much help from our "Undercover Detectives" we have been able to prove multiple cases of blockchain fraud and call out projects that are using deception, lies and other shady tactics to take your Avax.

Celebrating our first anniversary we rolled out a new RugPull Investigations (R.P.I.) unit, added two new core team members and launched the Detective's Guild on mainnet!

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