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These are goals we intend to meet at some point. Please be aware that it may take years to achieve some of these goals.

Mission Statement

We want to bring value to the community with ethical and honest standards, educating our community through transparency, tools and awareness. We want to change the cryptocurrency culture, making it about community, tech and unity rather than greed and deception. As we grow, we want to focus more marketing efforts towards traditional markets as we hope to be the first stop for new crypto users after onboarding.

Roadmap Goals

  • Expand our "Know Your Developers" KYD process and our "NFTrust" process eventually allowing for automation through the use of the RUGPULL token. (Put on hold until after tools deployed)
  • Deploy a Deflationary Staking Dapp that will reward our value-less community utility token (TDG). (Completed)
  • Create Utility based NFTs that will have use cases as well as acting as a burn mechanism for the RUGPULL token. (Completed)
  • Deploy "The Detective's Guild" DAO. (Completed)
  • On-Chain voting and a verifiable community of detectives. (Completed w/ web3)
  • Proposals and Community meetings. (Completed w/ verified guild discord)
  • Deploy multiple DeFi Safety tools to The Detective's Guild. Tools will be useful and beneficial to Avalanche Network users by giving them ways to defend themselves against scams or help to bring scammers to justice. Aug - Sept 2022
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships with well-known projects. (Ongoing)
  • Launch RPI investigations (Completed)
  • Implement more unique and innovative ideas over time.
  • Eventual full automation integrating the RUGPULL token with tools and the TDG token for community use.