Contract: 0x61ecd63e42c27415696e10864d70ecea4aa11289
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Max supply 1,000,000
Total Supply after burns: About 973,000
Circulating Supply : About 850,000
Liquidity Burned : Linkโ€‹
Token Explorer: Link
Token Lockups: Linkโ€‹

Token Description

The RUGPULL token is a deflationary digital token which is used as a tool to become part of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The token is directly used to buy NFTs, which burns 75% of every transaction.
After our DAO is implemented, we will focus on developing DeFi safety tools. These tools will require a very small RUGPULL burn to use and will be at a burn rate of 75% and 25% allocated towards a specific use, more on this to be announced later.
We also have support from our friends at AVAWARE and ELK FINANCE. There, you can add liquidity pool tokens and receive farming rewards! A big thank you to the awesome teams at both of these projects, they really have been wonderful to us!

Token History

Without the RUGPULL token, Rugpull Prevention would not exist. The founder burned and locked liquidities, strategically locked up tokens to incentivize development and project growth, and initiated ways to create use cases.
The RUGPULL token has a very unique beginning. The team did not create the token. The token was created by an anonymous developer and deployed at an $8 market cap. After deciding it could be an opportunity to make a difference, Enebula decided to buy up the supply, add it to liquidity and then burn the liquidity. Crazy? Maybe.
There is no ownership of the RUGPULL token, the contract can never be changed and no more can ever be created. The locked liquidity insures that there cannot ever be a Rugpull of liquidities and the supply is deteriorating while use cases will grow.