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Guild website specifics

Anyone can go to the website and view the ratings, comments and voting!!


We plan to develop and add more useful tools this #SafuSummer


You will be required to hold 25,000 $TDG tokens to use our MetaDetect tool.
You can rate project based on specific categories and areas! Not only dos this give the community a sense of what to expect from a project, it also allow the project developers to know how the Detective's feel about them! This can be used as constructive data, which will also help projects!
Connect to your wallet to participate or just click on the projects to view what our Detectives think about it, no need to connect to view!
This is a first of it's kind innovation (that we know of) which will allow verified, on-chain community members to rank and review projects. Verified Detectives can even apply to add new projects to be reviewed! For now this will not be incentivized. We are asking our Detectives to help us and the network out here, while we continue our developments and growth.

Community Vote

Let us know your overall opinion about a project. This will help crypto beginners get a very easy sense of what our Detectives think about projects.


Want to write a review for a project? Yep, our Detectives can do that too! With our verified comments, you can read what the community really thinks!

Future Versions

In future versions we will add many more capabilities and also introduce efficient ways to protect yourselves with the introduction of unique DeFi safety tools. Please see roadmap goals for specific timelines. We will offer free and premium tools within The Detective's Guild DAO, premium will be payable in the RUGPULL token.